Humans have always desired freedom in their existence; everyone wants to be free, including you, not to be bound by any form of laws, rules, and regulations, nor by do’s and don’ts.

But in reality, is there freedom?

No, there is no freedom in reality; it can only be imaginary. Even in the beginning when man and woman were made, they were given instructions on things to be done and things not to do, exclusively the command to eat of every fruit in the garden “Eden,” which is a DO, except for that in the midst of it, a DON’T.

Throughout the Bible, you will also see that instructions were given from the time of Moses and the Israelites, Noah before the flood, and even the time of prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and his friends, who held onto the rules of their land in a foreign land.

Laws are of high benefit as they are an expression of love. Not all laws, though, but in Christianity, this is applicable. When laws are given, it means there are factors being surveyed and proven not fit, and that which is fit also is stated; all these are beneficial.

When there are Do’s and Don’ts, obedience is key as it is a guide; also, obedience shows reciprocated love. Disobedience, on the other hand, attracts the wrath attached thereto. Must all rules and regulations be adhered to? No, only if they are in accordance with God’s law. It is written, when any law is in contrast to that of God, disobedience is permitted. Obey God in all rather than man.

Do’s and Don’ts or laws are time-dependent basically. Does it mean the Ten Commandments have changed? Of course not, they remain unchanged until all is fulfilled.

Practices in the scriptures have changed, specifically the sanctuary and cleansing method. However, forgiveness before was by the sacrificing of lambs and cleansing by a priest. If this were still in place, man would not have been able to cope. But these practices ended when Christ was crucified and shouted, “It is finished!” The battle is over, the mission of love is accomplished, and the law fulfilled. HALLELUJAH! We have a high priest in heaven, Jesus Christ. He is our proprietor and mediator, the one who forgives every sin.

The law is love; God is love. To everything, there is a time. There is day as well as night. Advancement is inevitable.

Adventists are those who believe and await the second coming of Jesus Christ. In the course of waiting, you are not loose or free. It is a lifestyle of strict obedience to the scriptures while waiting.

The most difficult life to live is that of imitation; yes, freedom is far easier. The apostles were called Christians at Antioch, not because they lived freely according to their own will but because they were termed Christian “Christ-like,” living like Christ.

Does it mean we are in bondage as Christians? No, for the law is a pointer of sin; where there is no law, there is no sin. Do’s and Don’ts reveal your strength and weakness respectively. It shows obedience and disobedience.

We are not under the law but under grace, and this is found in Jesus Christ. But we ought to obey the law as an expression of our love and as a means of selection for eternity.

Do’s and Don’ts are easily abided by due to grace. Do’s and Don’ts are applicable in all facets of life for better living and eternity.

Back to basics, Dating! a common word amongst singles. It is a romantic courtship between two with the aim of assessing suitability for marriage.

Marriage is a sacred ordinance from God after creation and before the fall. Before marriage is the state of being single.

There are diverse Do’s and Don’ts for singles dating before marriage.

However, we are to dwell on the Adventist style of dating. Adventism, once again, is a lifestyle; therefore, their dating is embedded in this style, all in anticipation of Christ’s coming.

The Do’s and Don’ts are rooted in the undulating Word that is ever true.

What were the do’s and don’ts of Adventist dating, yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

In order to correlate yesterday, today, and tomorrow, know that yesterday is continuous; every day before today is yesterday. For ease, we will base it on centuries. Before the 21st Century, we regard it as yesterday.

Today is the day after yesterday, which is the time we are in, the 21st century. And tomorrow is also continuous; it is the day after today, so after the 21st century.

The Do’s and Don’ts have always remained the same as they are spiritually rooted.

Do’s in Adventist Dating:

  1. Praying and studying the Word: Adventist dating is not freedom from praying and studying the Word but always with vigilance as the adversary is always watchful to attack.
  2. Be involved in Mission: The great commission is the same, and in every stage of life, this should be done. The mission statement is key, and in your dating, be active in evangelizing as you hasten the soon return of our Lord Jesus.
  3. Faithfulness: As Adventist singles, we should stick to our partner no matter the situation. Yes, sometimes things can happen, but that is not a reason for us to cheat. Rather, we should try as much as possible to solve these issues with our partners.

Don’ts in Adventist Dating:

  1. No Fornication. Fornication is detested by God, also known as premarital sex and other forms of sexual activities. Hence, this should be avoided. The law is born out of love, and the utmost desire of all is to gain eternity. Strict adherence to this and the abundance of grace will make it achievable.
  2. Globalization. The world is a global community, and advancement is sure, and you know, no man is all-knowing. Experience teaches, testimonies help. So connect with other Adventist singles and get further Adventist dating websites such as Adventist Singles Connection, Adventist Review, etc.
  3. Cheating. This should be totally off our minds. Cheating can shatter an already existing relationship and, most of all, damage our reputation for another one. If we can stay true to one partner and not share their love with someone else, then we are sure to have a long-lasting marriage.